FREE April Journal Prompts!!!

20 unique prompts included in this product! Color and Black/White versions available!


Hey everyone! These FREE daily journal prompts are a FUN and ENGAGING way to keep your students writing skills sharp! These are great for students in grades K-2! They can be used in the classroom, or even during this unprecedented time in which kids are learning at home!

Daily journal writing in the classroom (and at home!) is a great way to help students practice their writing skills. Having solid writing skills is essential to student success in school. These journal prompts, which are targeted for students in kindergarten- 2nd grade, will help get your kids excited about writing. One of my students favorite times of the school day was when they had a chance to write in their monthly journal. Learn more about how you can use these Primary Writing Journal Prompts: April in your classroom and the benefits for students!

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How can you use this resource? 

Each day give your students one of the Primary Writing Journal Prompts: April. The time of day that you have your students do their journal writing is up to you! Two of the most popular times is either at the start of the school day or at the beginning of your scheduled writing block. Typically the time I would give my students to journal would be about 15 – 20 minutes long. Any longer than that is just too long. There are just too many other things to get done during the school day!

Before your students begin writing, review the special words, pictures, and prompt. Explain any of the words that they may be unfamiliar with. This is especially important for students who are English Language Learners. Make sure your students understand the prompt so that they are able to get started right away and use their full allotted time to write. When students are finished with their writing they should get in the habit of using their editing checklist to double check that they wrote in complete sentences, used a capital letter at the beginning of all their sentences, proper punctuation at the end, and that all of the special words were spelled correctly. I love the idea of students using an editing checklist on a daily basis, so then they feel comfortable using one when they have a bigger writing project. After writing and editing their work, they can then use the framed space on the page to draw an illustration that matches their writing.

What are the benefits?

  • It creates a predictable routine. Whether you choose to do journal writing at the start of the school day or at the beginning of your writing block, students know to always expect it at that time. As teachers, we know students thrive on structure. 
  • They can express themselves in writing with limited pressure. Writing is one of the most challenging tasks for students, especially for our struggling readers and English Language Learners. Journal writing is a time each day when they can write without worrying that they’re doing it “the wrong way.”
  • Your student’s writing quality will improve. Through daily journal writing, they will naturally get into the habit of writing in complete sentences, using a capital letter at the beginning of sentences, and punctuation at the end. 
  • Students will have an opportunity to practice all of the skills you’ve taught them during their lessons. Students need many opportunities to be able to practice and for good writing habits to form. 
  • And best of all, it’s fun! Your students won’t even feel like they’re doing work, so it’s truly a win-win for both of you!

What’s included? 

This April packet contains the following journal items:

  • Student Cover Page (Available in full color and also a B&W version that kids can color!)
  • Journal Prompts for 20 days (Color and B&W versions available)
  • Blank Journal Page

Journal Prompts Included:

1 – In April,
2 – A Dog
3 – In the ocean, I see
4 – To take care of a baby,
5 – Birds are interesting because
6 – On a rainy day,
7 – My favorite outdoor spring activity is
8 – I like when my teacher teaches me about
9 – When it rains
10 – My favorite way to help clean is
11 – If I feel sick, I can stop the spread of germs by
12 – In the Wild West,
13 – A rainbow
14 – When I look out the window I see
15 – I had a dream about
16 – My favorite kind of weather is
17 – I can help save the planet by
18 – Things I can recycle are
19 – The silly little bunny
20 – My favorite thing about April was
21 – Blank

These journal prompts will be a great new addition to your classroom or home-learning routine. Additional months are being added regularly. Be sure to check back for the latest monthly journal prompts!

Happy Teaching!