FREE Multiplication Timed Tests: Multiply by 2

FREE Multiplication Timed Tests: Multiply by 2

FREE Multiplication Timed Tests: Multiply by 2!!!
Multiply by 2! There are five versions of each test with 100 problems on each page! Answer keys included!

Hey guys! I’m so excited to share these FREE multiplication practice pages with you! Multiplication timed tests are a great way for students to practice fact fluency. Multiplication fluency is an important skill that will ultimately help students with higher-order mathematical concepts. Read more about how you can use this FREE resource in your classroom and the benefits for your students! 

How can you use this resource? 

Make learning multiplication facts a fun experience for your students! Students love moving through the levels to eventually become a “Multiplication Champion”- someone who has completed all tests successfully! When I use this in my classroom, students begin with the easiest facts- the x0/1 multiplication test. When they pass that test then they advance on to the next set of multiplication facts- the x2 multiplication test, and so on. Students will move through all the levels up to the x12 multiplication test and will eventually know all facts up to 12×12. 

What are the benefits?

  • Students will be able to understand other mathematical concepts. Division and fractions become so much easier to understand when students have mastered their basic multiplication facts. 
  • Students will be able to do mental math more quickly. When students have memorized their multiplication facts they’ll not only be able to recall their facts quickly and with ease, but they’ll also be able to add, subtract, and divide at a faster rate as well.
  • Students will be able to solve problems with more confidence. Multi-step problems won’t seem as overwhelming to students if they know their multiplication facts. 

What’s included? 

  • There are five versions of each test with 100 problems on each page.
  • There is a place on each page for students to record their score and time. 
  • Each test includes an answer key for easy grading. 

The multiplication tests included in this resource will help your students achieve success with fact fluency and automaticity. We have a packet like this for all multiplication facts 0-12. Check them out in our Teacher Pay Teachers store. 

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For a great value, purchase the whole multiplication mega-bundle! There are 65 multiplication tests and 65 answer keys, which is 130 pages total! This bundle contains the individual multiplication packets, which are sold in our store PLUS a bonus mixed review set. The mixed review set contains five additional tests that can not be found anywhere else in our store! Check this out in our Teachers Pay Teachers store. 

MEGA BUNDLE! Multiplication Timed Tests: Multiply by 0 – 12 with Mixed Review

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Happy March! 🙂