Wild About Addition: Five Pack Bundle with Teaching Guides

Addition, Math
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About This Project
Addition with regrouping can be a difficult skill to master and students need a lot of practice. Give your students the chance to practice this skill with these worksheets.
Included in this bundle are five packets.  
  • Single Digit Addition 
  • Two Digit Addition with Regrouping
  • Three Digit Addition with Regrouping
  • Two Digit Plus One Digit Addition with and without Regrouping
  • Three Digit Plus Two Digit Addition with Regrouping
Each pack has teaching guides, which can be used as a resource to explain and demonstrate to students how to solve addition problems with regrouping by using the standard algorithm. There are also guided practice pages which provide students with more guided support. Plus, there are an additional 20 independent practice pages provided in each pack for students to practice this skill on their own (that’s 100 independent practice pages total!). Answer keys are included in these sets for easy grading.
All pages available in color and B&W.
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