Primary Writing Journal Prompts: Summer Bundle (June – August)

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Get your beginning writers into the routine of writing everyday with these primary journal prompts. There are 20 journal prompts included for each month. There are 3 months included in this bundle (June, July, and August). That’s 60 total prompts!!! With sentence starters on each page, these are perfect for students in kindergarten through second grade. Each page has an editing checklist and featured words with pictures, which is great for students in the beginning stages of writing. A blank page is also included in each pack for your more advanced writers to create their own unique journal entry. There is also a fun student cover page to complete the journal packet. All journal pages and student cover pages are available in color and black and white!

This bundle contains the individual monthly primary journal packets, which are all sold separately in our store. Save money by purchasing this bundle, as compared to buying each of the 3 individual packs separately. This bundle has 141 total pages!

The monthly primary journal prompt packets included in this bundle are:
Primary Writing Journal Prompts: June
Primary Writing Journal Prompts: July
Primary Writing Journal Prompts: August
Each monthly packet contains the following journal items:
  • Student Cover Page (Available in full color and also a B&W version that kids can color!)
  • Journal Prompts for 20 days (Color and B&W versions available)
  • Blank Journal Page
June Journal Prompts
1 – In June,
2 – Summer makes me feel
3 – My favorite outdoor summer activity is
4 – When I go to the beach
5 – One summer morning, a ladybug
6 – My favorite indoor summer activity is
7 – My favorite reptile is
8 – In a swimming pool,
9 – To help my dad feel special on Father’s Day,
10 – My favorite ice cream flavor is
11 – If I was a super hero, my special power would be
12 – I like to bake
13 – If it’s hot outside,
14 – A fun thing I can do with my friends is
15 – At summer camp,
16 – One day a busy little bee
17 – My favorite baby animal is
18 – On a sunny day,
19 – At a carnival,
20 – My favorite thing about June was
21 – Blank
July Journal Prompts
1 – In July,
2 – At a water park,
3 – The USA flag
4 – At a 4th of July party,
5 – My favorite color firework is
6 – At a sleepover,
7 – My favorite carnival snack is
8 – To make lemonade,
9 – My favorite type of cookie is
10 – On vacation
11 – Some ways I keep cool in the summer are
12 – One of my favorite summer activities is
13 – Today I played with
14 – One summer day at the beach
15 – My favorite jungle animal is
16 – A lifeguard
17 – My favorite type of fish is
18 – Some things that are green are
19 – The pirate ship was sailing
20 – My favorite thing about July was
21 – Blank
August Journal Prompts
1 – In August,
2 – My favorite drink is
3 – A cat
4 – At the airport,
5 – At the beach, I like to
6 – To make a fruit smoothie,
7 – In the desert,
8 – When I play soccer
9 – To grow a flower, I need
10 – A police officer
11 – To get ready for a new school year,
12 – At a pet shop,
13 – A doctor
14 – In the rainforest,
15 – A mother duck and her ducklings
16 – My favorite insect is
17 – A train
18 – My favorite thing I did over the summer is
19 – My goal for the new school year is
20 – My favorite thing about August was
21 – Blank
Can align with the following standards:
First Grade
Second Grade
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