Primary Writing Journal Prompts: April

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About This Project


Get your beginning writers into the routine of writing everyday with these primary journal prompts. With sentence starters on each page, these are perfect for students in kindergarten through second grade. Each page has an editing checklist and featured words with pictures, which is great for students in the beginning stages of writing. A blank page is also included in this pack for your more advanced writers to create their own unique journal entry.
Can align with the following standards:
First Grade
Second Grade
This April packet contains the following journal items:
  • Student Cover Page (Available in full color and also a B&W version that kids can color!)
  • Journal Prompts for 20 days (Color and B&W versions available)
  • Blank Journal Page
Journal Prompts Included:
1 – In April,
2 – A Dog
3 – In the ocean, I see
4 – To take care of a baby,
5 – Birds are interesting because
6 – On a rainy day,
7 – My favorite outdoor spring activity is
8 – I like when my teacher teaches me about
9 – When it rains
10 – My favorite way to help clean is
11 – If I feel sick, I can stop the spread of germs by
12 – In the Wild West,
13 – A rainbow
14 – When I look out the window I see
15 – I had a dream about
16 – My favorite kind of weather is
17 – I can help save the planet by
18 – Things I can recycle are
19 – The silly little bunny
20 – My favorite thing about April was
21 – Blank
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